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    If you run a closely held business, Mark can help you get and keep it healthy, growing and profitable. He can help you define your goals and reach them. Mark specializes in:

    • Guiding entrepreneurs to create and grow profitable businesses

    • Protecting clients in important transactions such as business formations, acquisitions, sales and dissolutions and course-of-business transactions

    • Negotiating and documenting contracts to protect client interests


    Acting as general counsel to closely held businesses, Mark provides clients such as corporations, partnerships and proprietorships with the full spectrum of legal guidance in:

    • starting and operating a business

    • management and operational issues

    • relationships with employees, vendors, clients and government

    • avoiding litigation and resolving disputes

    • legal impact of corporate and marketing strategies

    • tax issues

    • business reorganization, dissolution and insolvency


    Mark is educated and experienced in law, business, accounting, finance and tax.  He has also provided assistance to other lawyers in numerous cases involving a wide variety of legal disciplines and industries when they have needed to better understand or devise strategies to address involved complex business issues.


     Mark uses an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understanding your situation and finding an effective strategy to get you where you want to be. For those who want more than a solution to a specific issue, Mark can serve as an continuing part of business teams on a part-time basis for short or longer terms.  Mark has served in this manner, as part-time general counsel, general counsel/CFO, business consultant, business coach, and in other executive capacities.


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A high-profile client was referred initially due to a tax issue. The client had been in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for two and a half years, had a settlement in a still-pending divorce proceeding contingent on bankruptcy court approval, had just completed a Federal tax audit resulting in liability of several million dollars which was to be collected, and had no current income of significance. He had top notch bankruptcy representation, a multi-office accounting firm, highly-recommended family law counsel and a personal lawyer.


Despite the lineup of experts, the proposed 'solution' would have left him with next to nothing. Mark devised a plan of reorganization which resolved interrelated financial, tax, business, intellectual property and legal challenges.


Mark saved the client several million dollars in taxes, allowed the client to retain significant wealth and redirected the client's energies and resources from past problems to future revenue creation.

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